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s the official web site of M/s. OM SAT NAAM Enterprises, a firm established by Mr. Anand Akolkar with the intention of conserving, preserving , restoring and maintaining the cultural and technical heritage on paper and paper materials available with individuals, institutions, libraries, archives and others.

OM SAT NAAM ENTERPRISES is a registered firm with a mission of promoting the concept of Maintenance, Conservation, Preservation, Restoration of the Cultural and Technical Heritage in form of Paper Material of the ancient and vibrant country India.
A large part of the Indian History is transferred from generation to generation which is destroyed over the ages. But still a large portion remaining is to be Maintained, Conserved, Preserved, and Restored.


OM SAT NAAM ENTERPRISES was established in the 50th year of Indian Independence and is engaged in fulfilling its mission of Maintaining, Conserving Preserving and Restoring India�s Heritage in the form of Paper and Paper Materials.
The team consists of Professionals well versed in the Maintenance, Conservation, Preservation and Restoration of Paper and Paper Materials.


Mr. ANAND AKOLKAR an honours Graduate in Chemistry, a degree in Law, 28 years of Industrial Experience in the Quality Assurance segment, field of Conservation, Preservation, Restoration.

Trained at the Archives in Goa, INTACH in Lucknow, State Museum and INTACH Bhubhaneshwar, the focus of training paper and paper materials.

15 years Experience in the field of Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration, of paper and paper materials, 7 years at the ASIATIC SOCIETY LIBRARY, and 8 years as free lance Conservator.

Credited with the Establishment of Conservation and running of the Conservation Laboratory at the ASIATIC SOCIETY LIBRARY.

Established, M/s. OM SAT NAAM Enterprises as a registered partnership venture for the Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of the large Cultural, TECHNICAL HERITAGE that India is PROUD.

Registered Vendor Code of  M.C.G.M : 0000014628
( Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai )

The firm has a batch of trained personnel for carrying out and implementation of the preventive maintenance program on location, on a cyclic basis. The firm also has trained personnel for conservation of the objects at our lab and on site.


Personal Vendor Code 14459

WITH Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (M.C.G.M) UNDER ABOVE


Palm Leaf Conservation

Deteriorated Untreated
Palm Leaves

Treated and Untreated Palm Leaves
for Comparison after carrying
out Aqueous Treatment

Reinforcement Of Palm Leaves
with Tissue Paper Fiber

Untreated Paper                                               Processed Paper


Various Articles Published in Local English Daily Newspapers over a period of time

MID DAY : March 30, 2007 (Friday)

"People should preserve
important papers and books"

by Rashmi Menon


DNA : February 28, 2006 (Tuesday)

"Anand Akolkar specializes in restoration
of old paper documents. He shares tips
on preservation of precious paper records."

by Sujata Reddy

India Express : January 19, 2002 (Saturday)

"Akolkar deacidifying an 80-year-old page from a book" - by Vidya


List of Important Clients / Assignments

Reliance Infra Ltd Mumbai
Mass fumigation of their files and restoration of maps on Mumbai

Dr Reddy's Laboratories
Restoration of newspaper containing their news item

Dr Nazir's personal collection
A collection of palm leaf manusccripts

Math in Manglore
A collection of palm Leaf Manuscrits and Books for mass fumigation and palm leaf manuscript restoration

Sony Music Company Mumbai
A collecction of agreements and the music company on on intellectual proprietary rights

Garhwal Rifles, Garhwal Rifles Training Centre Landsowne Garhwal
Mass Fumigation of the Library Collection of Books, Documents, Photographs. Conservation Binding of Visitors Books and Service Books

Mumbai Mantra Pvt Ltd

Conservation Preservation and Mass Fumigation of a Collection of Manuscripts, Posters, Song Booklets, and Magazines Related To Bollywood (The Mumbai Film Industry)

Gallantry Award Certificate Issued By President of India.

More Than 100 Year Old Dyaneshwari

MDyaneshwar Math Matunga Mumbai Legal Documents

Breach Candy Society and Swimming Pool, Legal documents and Drawings about 100 years old

Tata Central Archives

Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration of various types of documents and books. Some very specific being, Balance Sheets of the Empress Mills Nagpur Hand written Correspondence between J. R. D. Tata and His father Dorab Tata. Legal documents of various Tata companies, Agreements between Government and the Tata Group.

Tata Memorial Hospital
Conservation Preservation of documents, volumes for placement in their Time Capsule created and placed iin the earths crust at the site of their new hospital building

Haffkine Bio Pharmaceuticals Mumbai
Preservation of the Visitors Book , containing the signatures of Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru, Photograph bearing the British flag union jack, which was stuck inside a glass frame.

Western Railway Mumbai
Preserved the documents pertaining to land acquisitions in form of a microfilm and archival binding of the documents..

Shree Dudhpapeshwar Ltd
Preservation of newspaper Clippings pertaining to the case the company had won against the British Government relating to Magical Remedies Act.

Godrej and Boyce Ltd Mumbai
Itchings of renowned painters put together in the archival binding format. Bindings of various Magazines like National Geographic.

Greaves Ltd
Preservation of advertising supplement celebrating the completion of 75 years of the company.

The Shyamroa Vithal Co operative Bank
Preservation of two no of initial visitors books of the bank.

Centre for Advance Computing (C-DAC) Pune
Preserved a water damaged book by separating the pages, fumigation and archival binding

Post mortem reports from the vary inception of the Sir J. J. Group of
Hospitals and Grant Medical College

These are a few of the organizations named above along with a large number of cultural religious organizations individuals where the conservation, Preservation and Restoration work was done.



Unprocessed Books and Manuscript

The most noteworthy was the
Shanama an epic of the 16th century by the poet Firdosi.t.

Eknath Sanshodhan Mandal Aurangabad, Manuscripts of shri Eknathji Mafaraj in their collection , were conserved, preserved and restored.

Mumbai Marathi Granth Sanghralaya, Insallation of fumigation chamber, Fumigation of books on mass scale, conservation,preservation, restoration of books.

Dadar Sarvajanik Vachanalaya, Fumigation for insects, fungus of their rare book collection, conservation, preservation, restoration of their inception legal documents, their deed of land and other legal documents, like agreements etc.

Bombay Natural History Society, a set of books on butterflies, which are the only copies available in the world and other books.
The Bombay Diostian Church Association, legal documents , property documents etc where conserved, preserved and restored.

Anantcharya Institute of Indological Studies
, Installation of fumigation chamber for the control of fungus and pests, and conservation preservation of documents and books.

Parekh Marketing personal diaries of Mr Balwant Parekh, and loose sheets of notes written by him during the early years of his career. And the formative years of Pedilite Industries the manufactories of Brand Fevicol the adhesive

There are various avenues of Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration Process are applicable i.
Mention of the few important ones is made here,
1) Land records, Legal documents pertaining to land records
2) Properties and Documents related to sale Purchase of Properties.
3) Licenses and other Documents related to start and closure of businesses
4) Minutes Books of meetings of various Organizations.
5) Annual reports of Organizations.
6) Technical, Machine, and Lay out Drawings
7) Maps and Survey drawings.
8) Personal important correspondence.
9) Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
10) Awards, presentations, Citations etc.
11) Mortgages
12) Loan Agreements etc.
13) Family Albums etc
14) Manuscripts
15) Rare Books




Treated / Processed Volume


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